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Zygmunt Saloni, Marcin Woliński, Robert Wołosz, Włodzimierz Gruszczyński, Danuta Skowrońska

Grammatical Dictionary of Polish (SGJP)

Third edition online (beta): beta.sgjp.pl
Second edition: Warsaw, 2012, CD + 182 pp., ISBN 978-83-927277-2-9.
Distribution: wyczerpane.pl (price: 25 PLN)
(First edition: Wiedza Powszechna, Warsaw, 2007, CD + 177 pp., ISBN 978-83-214-1375-4).

The second, enriched, improved and modified edition of Grammatical Dictionary of Polish (SGJP) was (like the first edition) published in the form of a computer program on a CD (SGJP 2.0). The dictionary provides a comprehensive grammatical description of more than 256,000 Polish words (lexemes), among which both lexemes present in Polish dictionaries and texts (nearly 200,000) and  potential lexemes are to be found. Therefore SGJP covers fundamental part of vocabulary of contemporary Polish, including the most common  proper names that occur in Polish texts.

SGJP 2.0 runs on the following operating systems:

The CD is accompanied by a book which introduces theoretical principles of the dictionary – the profile of Polish inflection as well as the User’s Guide which is supposed to facilitate the use of the program.

SGJP provides nearly 4.5 million inflectional forms of the words described. Moreover, it presents information on many other grammatical features (especially syntactical ones) of lexemes – gender for nouns, case government for prepositions and numerals or aspect for verbs. The program enables a quick search for information on a lexeme. The search is performed in two ways: on the basis of the lexeme’s dictionary form as well as using any of its inflectional forms. Furthermore, it is possible to limit the results of the search to one part of speech (e.g. one class of lexemes) and to perform a quick verification of hypotheses on the inflection of words which are not described in the dictionary.

SGJP is a source of information on Polish language useful for linguists, philologists, editors, translators, students as well as other aware users of Polish who seek for grammatical information. The dictionary is really useful in  the process of learning Polish as a foreign language. Thanks to the possibility of sorting the list of headwords in reverse alphabetical order, the dictionary may also be helpful while searching for words that rhyme.

We systematically work on improving the dictionary and are interested in contact with SGJP users. We will appreciate all kind of comments and suggestions on defects, mistakes, etc. They can be sent to:  sgjpol@gmail.com.

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Exemplary screenshots from the program:

Morphological analyzer Morfeusz developed on the basis of SGJP

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